While diaper rash can cause distress for you and your baby, don’t fret! You can easily treat diaper rash and help prevent it from returning by using A+D at every diaper change.  

A+D has your baby covered!


In addition to apply A+D Original Ointment at every diaper change, the following
tips will help protect your baby from developing diaper rash:

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Change your baby’s diaper promptly after soiling to minimize skin exposure to urine and feces.

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Wash your baby’s bottom thoroughly with warm water after changing.

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Carefully blot your baby dry with a dry washcloth. Avoid rubbing, as this may irritate their delicate skin.

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Whenever possible, leave your baby without a diaper so the area can dry thoroughly.

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Avoid tight clothes and tight diapers as they stop the air from circulating.

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