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If your baby develops diaper rash, use A+D Zinc Oxide Cream to soothe skin and relieve discomfort. Spreads on easily to protect your baby’s precious skin.


  • Specially formulated with zinc oxide for effective treatment of diaper rash
  • Works on contact to help treat & calm diaper rash
  • Allows skin to heal naturally
  • A+D is pediatrician recommended
  • Free of dyes & parabens


If your baby has diaper rash, these simple tips will soothe their skin and help prevent diaper rash from recurring:

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At the first sign of redness, apply an even, liberal coat of A+D Zinc Oxide Cream to the entire diaper area at every diaper change.

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Wash your baby’s bottom thoroughly.

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Allow your baby’s skin to air dry without a diaper for short periods during the day.

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Keep baby’s skin clean and dry by changing the wet diaper frequently, and as soon as possible after it is soiled.

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Avoid using soap or disposable wipes that contain fragrance or alcohol, which may irritate the skin.

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