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Diaper rash is extremely common among babies as they grow and change. During their first twelve months, it is especially common due to certain milestones babies experience, such as teething, sleep changes and starting solid foods.


As babies continue to grow and change, they reach exciting milestones which are cause for celebration! Unfortunately, these milestones can also contribute to developing diaper rash. This is due to changes in babies’ behavior and growth, which can ultimately cause irritation in the diaper area. Milestones should be celebrated, so being aware that they can be a trigger for diaper rash keeps you ahead of it!

Some of these milestones include:

Tooth icon

Although teething itself doesn’t cause diaper rash, the excessive drool that comes from chewing on everything in sight can irritate babies’ tummies, resulting in diarrhea. Continued contact with irritants like diarrhea can contribute to diaper rash.

Sleeping baby icon

It’s a wonderful thing when babies start sleeping through the night. However, along with that much needed extra sleep comes more exposure to soggy diapers. This in turn irritates babies’ sensitive skin and can cause diaper rash.

Food bowl icon

Transitioning to solid foods is very exciting for parents and their babies. These new foods and textures can be stimulating for babies, but they can also impact when ends up in their diapers! This can irritate babies’ skin and cause diaper rash.

In addition to prolonged exposure to urine and feces, diaper rash can be caused by the following:

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Not drying the skin thoroughly after a diaper change.

Diaper icon

A tight diaper, which both rubs the skin and stops the air from circulating.

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Irritation to ingredients found in diaper wipes, laundry detergent, soap, lotion.

Use A+D Original Ointment as a protective barrier during each diaper change, and help keep diaper rash from becoming its own milestone!

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